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Author, or Category Title Year Format, pages
Abell, George Exploration of the Universe 1969 hardcover, 483 pgs
Abell, Morrison, Wolfe Realm of the Universe 1992 softcover, 501 pgs
Aldrin and McConnell Men From Earth 1989 hardcover, signed Aldrin, 312 pgs
Allen, Harold W.G. The Eternal Universe 1990 hardcover, w/dust jacket,181 pgs
Alter, Cleminshaw and Phillips Pictorial Astronomy 1978 hardcover w/dust jacket, 328 pgs
Alter, Cleminshaw, and Phillips Pictorial Astronomy 1974 hardcover, 328 pgs
Alter, Dinsmore Pictorial Guide to the Moon 1963 hardcover w/ dust jacket, 183 pgs
American Association of Variable Star Observers AAVSO 2001 softcover, 74 pgs
American Association of Variable Star Observers AAVSO 2001 softcover, 75 pgs
Apfel and Hynek Architecture of the Universe 1979 softcover, 499 pgs
Arny, Thomas T. Explorations - An Introduction to Astronomy 1994 softcover, 521 pgs
Asimov, Isaac The Collapsing Universe 1977 hardcover, 204 pgs
Astronomical Society of the Pacific; edited by Andrew Fraknoi The Universe at your Fingertips - An Astronomy Activity and Resourse Notebook 1995 3-ring binder loose leaf, ~3 inches thick
Astromomy Magazine - Unbound August 1973 - December 2003   stored in slipcases
Astronomy Magazine - Bound Volume 16 - 1988, Volume 17 - 1989, Volume 18 - 1990    
Audouze and Israel, editors The Cambridge Atlas of Astronomy 1985 hardcover w/dust jacket, 432 pgs
Baker Astronomy, 6th Edition 1955 hardcover, 538 pgs
Bova and Bell, editors Closeup: New Worlds 1977 hardcover w/dust jacket, 222 pgs
British Astronomical Ass'n Guide to Observing teh Moon 1986 hardcover,
Bronowski, Jacob The Ascent of Man 1973 hardcover w/dust jacket, 448 pgs
Burgess, Eric Venus, an Errant Twin 1985 hardcover, 151 pgs
Burnham, Robert Jr. Burnham's Celestial Handbook - 3 vols. 1978 softcover, 2138 pgs
Burnham, Robert Jr. Burnham's Celestial Handbook - Vol. 2 1978 hardcover w/dust jacket, 688 pgs
Castle, Paul R. Collected Works on Double Stars 1996 spiral bound, softcover, 38 pgs
Chaisson and McMillan Astronomy Today 1993 hardcover, 655 pgs
Christianson, Gale E. This Wild Abyss 1978 hardcover w/dust jacket, 461 pgs
Cohen, Nathan Gravity Lens - Views of the New Cosmology 1989 softcover, 237 pgs
Comins, Neil F. What if the Moon Didn't Exist 1993 softcover, 315 pgs
Cooper, Henry S.F. Imaging Saturn 1982 hardcover, 210 pgs
Computer software Mars 1997 CD, Windows, Mac OS/2
Computer software The Sun and Moon 1998 CD, Windows, Mac OS/2
Computer software The Galaxy 1997 CD, Windows, Mac OS/2
Computer software Redshift    
Computer software Starry Night    
Cornell and Carr, Editors Infinite Vistas - New Tools for Astronomy 1985 hardcover w/dust jacket, 302 pgs
Davies, Paul About Time 1995 hardcover, 316 pgs
Davies, Paul The Runaway Universe 1978 hardcover w/dust jacket, 205 pgs
De Harsanyi, Zsolt The Star-Gazer 1939 hardcover, 572 pgs
Dickinson, Terence Nightwatch 1988 softcover, spiral bound, 160 pgs
Dixon, Robert T. Dynamic Astronomy 1984 softcover, 555 pgs
Dixon, Robert T. Dynamic Astronomy 1992 softcover, 535 pgs
Flaste, Noble, Sullivan, Wilford N.Y. Times Guide to the Return of Halley's Comet 1985 hardcover, 244 pgs
Filippenko, Alex (CD)

Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy -
Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe

1998 Part I:Manual, Disc 1 & 2
Filippenko, Alex (CD) Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy -
The Solar System
1998 Part II:Manual, Disc 3 & 4
Filippenko, Alex (CD) Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy -
The Stars and their Lives
1998 Part III:Manual, Disc 5 &6
Filippenko, Alex (CD) Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy -
A Universe of Galaxies
1998 Part IV:Manual, Disc 7 & 8
Filippenko, Alex (CD) Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy -
The Birth and Life of the Universe
1998 Part V:Manual, Disc 9 & 10
Filippenko, Alex (CD)

Understanding the Universe: What's New in Astronomy, 2003

2003 Manual, Disc 1 & 2
Filippenko, Alex (CD) Understanding the Universe: What's New in Astronomy, 2003 2003 Manual, Disc 3 & 4
Fraknoi, Morrison, Wolfe Voyages Through the Universe 1997 softcover, 307 pgs
Gallant, Roy National Geographic Picture Atlas of our Universe 1980 hardcover, oversized
Gehrels and Gehrels, Editors Saturn 1984 hardcover, 968 pgs
Goldsmith, Donald The Hunt for Life on Mars 1997 hardcover w/dust jacket, 267 pgs
Goldsmith, Donald The Universe 1976 hardcover, 416 pgs
Hale Observatory Slide Set   79 35-mm slides, 4 pgs
Hamburg, Michael Astronomy Made Simple 1993 softcover, 237 pgs
Harrington, Philip S. Star Ware - Guide to Choosing & Using Telescopes 1994 softcover, 373 pgs
Hartmann, William K. Astronomy: The Cosmic Journey 1989 hardcover, 694 pgs
Hawking, Stephen Stephen Hawking's Universe - 3 Vol. VHS Video 1997 3 vol. VHS video set in slipcase
Hoagland, Richard C. The Monuments of Mars 1996 softcover, 526 pgs
Hockey, Thomas A. The Book of the Moon 1986 softcover, 273 pgs
Howard, Neale E. Standard Handbook for Telescope Making 1984 hardcover, 356 pgs
Inglis, Stuart J. Planets, Stars and Galaxies 1972 hardcover, 498 pgs
JPL/NASA - Flattau, Gibson, Lewis Space Images 1982 hardcover w/dust jacket, 96 pgs
Kaufmann, William J. Discovering the Universe 1990 softcover, 425 pgs
King, Henry C. Pictorial Guide to the Stars 1967 oversize hardcover with dust jacket, 167 pgs
Kitchin, Chris Photo-Guide to the Constellations 1998 softcover, 149 pgs
Krupp, Dr. E.C. Echoes of the Ancient Skies - Astronomy of Lost Civilizations 1983 hardcover, 386 pgs
Ley, Willy Gas Giants - The Largest Planets 1969 hardcover, 143 pgs
Luginbuhl and Skiff Observing Handbook and Catalog of Deep-Sky Objects 1989 hardcover, 352 pgs
Machin and Wheatley Messier Objects - A Beginner's Guide 1997 softcover, 30 pgs
Marsden, Brian G. Catalog of Cometary Orbits 1983 softcover, 96 pgs
Melton, Melanie Will Black Holes Devour the Universe? 1994 softcover, 103 pgs
Menard and D'Auria Perspectives on Collimation - Principles and Procedures 1988 softcover, 43 pgs
Moore and Cattermole The Craters of the Moon 1967 hardcover, 160 pgs
Moore, Patrick and Hunt, Gary Atlas of the Solar System 1983 hardcover
Moore, Patrick Amateur Astronomy 1968 hardcover, 328 pgs
Moore, Patrick The Story of Astronomy 1977 hardcover, 253 pgs
Moore, Patrick Exploring the Earth and Moon 1991 hardcover w/dust jacket, 96pgs
Moore, Patrick The Amateur Astronomer's Glossary 1967 hardcover with dust jacket, 162 pgs
Muirden, James How to Use an Astronomical Telescope 1988 softcover, 400 pgs
MVAS Video - Perry Pezzolanella 1998 Aruba Total Solar Eclipse Feb. 26, 1998 Video
MVAS Video Messier Catalog VHS Video


VHS video in case
MVAS Video MVAS Observatory Constructiion 1999-2003 Video


VHS video in slipcase
NASA SP-129 Earth Photographs from Gemini III, IV,and V 1967 hardcover, 266 pgs
NASA SP-168 Exploring Space with a Camera 1968 hardcover, 214 pgs
National Geographic Society On the Brink of Tomorrow: Frontiers of Science 1982 harcover w/dust jacket, 199 pgs
Newton and Teece The Cambridge Deep-Sky Album 1983 hardcover, 126 pgs
North, Gerald Advanced Amateur Astronomy 1991 hardcover, 313 pgs
Norton, Arthur P. Norton's Star Atlas 1973 hardcover
O'Leary, Brian Project Space Station 1983 hardcover, 158 pgs
Ordway, Frederick I., Editor Advances in Space Science and Technology Vol. 4 1962 hardcover, 431 pgs
Ottwell, Guy Astronomical Calander 2004 2004 softcover, 81 pgs
Pasachoff, Jay M. Astronomy: From the Earth to the Universe 1991 softcover, 635 pgs
Paul, Henry E. Telescopes for Skygazing 1965 hardcover, 157 pgs
PBS Home Video The Astronomers - 6 Vol. VHS Video (1 missing volume) 1991 6 vol. VHS video set in slipcase
Pezzolanella, Perry Perry's Universe


ring binder, 320 poly-vu protected pages
Piret, John A. How the Universe was Born - The Big-Bang Concept Buried 1991 softcover, author signed, 142 pgs
Publing, D. K. Visual Dictionary of the Universe 2008 hardcover, 64 pgs
Poster The Solar System   folded
Poster Orion Nebula   folded
Poster Mars Revealed   folded
Poster The Heavens   folded
Poster Earth's Moon   folded
Poster Red Planet - Mars   folded
Poster Portraits of our Celestial Family   folded
Poster Journey into the Universe through Time and Space   folded
Robbins and Jefferys Discovering Astronomy 1988 softcover, 480 pgs
Robinson and Muirden    Astronomy Data Book, 2nd Edition 1979 hardcover with dust jacket, 272 pgs
Rukl, Antonin Moon, Mars and Venus 1978 hardcover, 254 pgs
Ryan and Pesek Solar System 1978 hardcover, 224pgs
Sagan, Carl Cosmos 1980 softcover, 324 pgs
Sagan, Leonard, and Editors of Time-Life Planets 1969 hardcover, 200 pgs
Sherrod and Koed A Complete Manual of Amateur Astronomy 1981 softcover, 319 pgs
Sky Publishing Lunar Features


softcover binder, 20 pgs
Simpson, David Harry Comets 1998 softcover, 256 pgs
Simpson, David Harry Venus Revealed 1998 softcover, 355 pgs
Sobel, Dava Galileo's Daughter 1999 softcover, 420 pgs
Terrill, Dick & Muhhergie, J.D. Binary Stars
softcover, 383 pgs
Various MVAS members Construction of the Club Observatory


ring binder, 58 poly-vue protected pages of photos
Weekley, James S. Full Moon: Observe and Learn 1987 audio tape
Worley, Charles E. Visual Observing of Double Stars 1961 softcover reprint, 20 pgs
Zeilik, Michael Astronomy: The Evolving Universe 1985 hardcover, 494 pgs