Usage of the MVAS Apollo Observatory

All paid members are entitled to use the Apollo Observatory and the concrete observing pads. The observatory and library are located on leased private land and thus is not a public facility. The 11" SCT may be operated by qualified users who have completed the training program. Impromptu star parties may be scheduled at times by qualified users. All qualified users must request time on the 11" telescope and are subject to the rules and regulations posted on the password protected MVAS Telescope Schedule web site.  All members are given access to this web site, which also lists the schedule for members' star parties at the BBO. Qualified users may also request private viewing time at the Apollo Observatory for general and critical observing, astrophotography, training, research and to work  on Astronomical League Observing Certificates. All members may use the observing pads at any time. No smoking, and please use parking lights only on entering the property.

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